Audio and time signal processing tools

MitSyn is a family of software tools and high-level languages designed for the synthesis/analysis of time signals. Some of its typical areas of application are:

  • Audio (waveform) editing, spectral analysis (e.g., spectrograms), recording, synthesis, and filtering.
  • Music synthesis from MIDI sequence files and MitSyn score files with real-time control of tempo, voice balance (i.e., mixing), voicing, etc.
  • Process modeling/simulation.

Below are links to some of the major features. Please see the menu for more options.

Activity chooser

An installed MitSyn presents this screen when launched. The major activities may be accessed from a top level dispatcher called the “MitSyn Activity Chooser”



A primary component of usage information consists of help balloons called “Tooltips” which popup when the mouse cursor is hovered over each control (button, slider, scroll bar, textbox, music keyboard, etc.) of the many toolbars. To learn what any control does, or find the interpretation of graphics and readouts, hover the mouse cursor over the item, and a tooltip will popup which describes the function of that item. This is particularly relevant for the many “sliders” and dynamic readouts on the toolbars. If a shortcut key is assigned to the command activated by the control the key(s) will also be shown at the end of the tooltip.